No matter how logical we like to think we are, buying a home is an instinctual and emotional process.  Often potential buyers will dismiss a home within seconds of visiting the property before a realtor has any opportunity to point out its features or benefits.

A real estate interior design consultation can help homes sell and may just be worth its weight in gold (or in increased home equity).  Interior designers have the rare ability to see potential when homeowners, buyers and realtors cannot and will help your home sell faster and for the best possible price.

How a real estate interior design consultation can help:

  • Identifying your buyer
    • Who is your most likely buyer?
    • How could your home be improved to appeal to them?
  • Increased Curb Appeal
    • Simple solutions from a fresh coat of paint, a mailbox repair or cleaning out the gutters can make your home more approachable.
  • Identifying Property Features
    • Is there room to expand?
    • How likely is the home to increase in value over time?
  • Simple interior improvements
    • Clutter removal
    • Odor removal
    • Having a plan for pets
    • Furniture re-arrangement
    • Updating paint
    • Improving lighting
    • Installing closet systems
  • Illustrating the possibility of larger improvements
    • What could a renovated kitchen or bath look like?
    • Include floor plans or sketches in the home sale

When you are in a space that appeals to you, you rarely can identify exactly why you like it, you just know you do.  It feels right.  Have a real estate interior design consultation and your potential buyers will be thrilled to have found their new home.