Interior Planning Services For Your Business

Commercial Interior Planning enables businesses to maximize the efficiency and appeal of existing space, identify potential benefits or detriments of a new property prior to a long-term commitment and enhance and elevate their professional brand through an environment that reflects who they are. At J2 Collaborative Architecture + Design we identify opportunities to maximize occupancy, streamline processes and increase efficiency, productivity and employee comfort, then identify and illustrate a path to these benefits through comprehensive floor plans and dynamic use of furnishings, finishes, textures and lighting.

As with our Commercial Architectural Services, through our extensive experience in the commercial sector we have garnered the knowledge to ensure that your project meets all building code requirements while also gaining an appreciation for the importance of an environmentally safe and comfortable safe yet efficient workplace for those who work there.

Commercial Interior Planning services entail:

  • Brand representation and development
  • Pre-lease property analysis
  • Staff needs analysis
  • Furniture inventories and needs analysis
  • Space planning and development of office standards
  • Custom millwork design
  • Lighting design
  • Sourcing, selection and acquisition of finishes and furnishings
  • Facilities management consultation services
    • Maximizing utility usage efficiencies
    • Furniture, finishes and lighting maintenance

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